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Marketshare West is a very unique type of marketing firm. We do things that few organizations are capable of and help our clients in ways they could never have dreamt. We work with the presidents of small-to-medium sized companies, helping them better identify their strengths & opportunities we then rebrand/repackage their firms and ultimately reintroduce them to their marketplace as a new & improved version of their former self.

These organizations are sometimes dated and staid looking and all are in need of branding and marketing leadership. We are very selective in who we work with and who we help. Our team works closely with our client?s organizations to design, create and produce the tools and strategies required to see our goals and vision through.

Many of our clients experience doubled or even tripled revenue growth from their original sales levels as a result of employing our company and services. Are you achieving your potential?

  • 's of Companies

    Since 1990 our group of firms have successfully serviced over 300 companies, every one of those organizations were impacted in incredible ways.

  • 's New Customers

    Our new customer acquisition campaigns have been responsible for acquiring thousands of new customers on our clients behalf.

  • 's of Million$

    As a direct result of the services we provided, our clients have experienced actual revenue increases in excess of $100 million dollars over the past 10 years.



don't take our word for how good we are, hear it from our clients whose lives have been changed!


Dennis Miller

Die and Laser Cutting Products Manufacturer

Total Corporate Transformation

SalesSERV New Business Development

"Most of our business came from word of mouth which worked well for us, but we felt it was time to take it to another level, and start looking like a professional company, a real company"

"Tom came in we re-identified the company as Miller Gasket to begin with, he brought with him a tremendous amount of enthusiasm which was infectious not only to myself but my whole staff and all the employees"

"Tom came into the business, observed what we did, picked up sample parts, talked to the employees, asked us numeral questions about our operation and how we worked, what are philosophy was in business and so forth and with that he went off and did what he ever he does but came back with this outstanding look for us: brochures, single sheets for mailing, business cards, the name on the building he designed that... he came up with all designs and everything for us. When he got done we he had a completely different look, a whole new identity and certainly a different attitude about our business"

"Tom came in and gave us an outstanding look that everybody has complimented us on. Since then, we have about doubled our business"

" Like I tell anybody who asks me if you are going to spend the money, spend it with Tom. It's not cheap but the return on your dollar is well worth it"

"As you get larger your employee tends to think that they are a number and that's certainly not my philosophy. And with Tom's help all of the employees feel like they are apart of our business and our growth. It's neat having everybody on board, we're all on the same team"


Thomas Mclntyre

Automotive Components Supplier

Total Corporate Transformation

SalesSERV New Business Development

"MarketShare West really just walked in the front door and said I see that you don't have much of a corporate identity, and we'd like to help you create a new vision, a new face, a new look for your company. They evaluated who we were and where we wanted to go and they made a plan to accomplish that and take us there..."

"[Marketshare West] has also gone out and actually canvassed and surveyed the industries that are potential target clients for us. They provided us with contact names and addresses of companies that were virtually pre-qualified to want to buy the type of products we make. They've made us ready for tradeshows; they've given us things and created opportunities for us that we never would have had without them..."

"Having MarketShare on board has really been a very gratifying experience. They show up early for meetings. They're on time and ready to go. Always prepared and I can't recommend that strongly enough..."

"Because of their vast experience and their knowledge, we have really found that we can't get along without them. They've become a part of our team; they've become a part of our family. We see them being a business partner far into the future because I think that the relationship will continue to change. They will continue to take on a larger and larger piece of our active marketing and sales business. I think that we will be expanding together much farther, much deeper and much better than we could have done on our own..."


John Arroues

Precision machining Manufacturer

Total Corporate Transformation

"When you are approaching new customers, typically fortune 500 defense contractors, you can't knock on the door without at least having a website. The first thing they want to do when you first contact them is see your website. So we had a website to offer them, not only was it just a website to offer them, but it was a powerful website that did a very thorough job of explaining what we did and what services we could provide them..."

"We've experienced some great results from MarketShare West. We have increased our sales from 1.5 million to 4 million dollars a year but the real beauty of what we've done, is that we have diversified our customer base. We had 80% of our work coming from one customer at the time that we met MarketShare West, and we now have a pretty good split … no more than 15% of our work comes from any one customer..."

"The thing I like most about Tom and MarketShare West is that they did what they said they were going to do from the beginning. You never had to wonder if the deliverables were going to be there, they were always there when Tom said they were going to be. They always exceeded expectations..."

"We have chosen as a company not to fish downstream. We want our customer base to continue to be fortune 500 manufacturing and defense contractors, and the materials & advice we got from Tom and MarketShare West allow us to market ourselves to those kinds of clients..."

GOLDAK Products .

Robert Mulcahey

Underground Locating Products Manufacturer

Total Corporate Transformation

"We were still developing new products, and we would approach the market with these new products, with some of the old ways that were done in the 60s and 70s. So even though we had this dynamic product it would be seen from a market standpoint and from our customers as old and stale, even though it was revolutionary and new, we weren't presenting it right to the industry..."

"I would recommend MarketShare West to anybody that has that feeling of they are kind of stagnate, not going anywhere or maybe they've been in business for a long time, been very successful, maybe they have plateau'd a little bit..."

"I look at it from a standpoint of where we are and where we could be had we not gotten involved with MarketShare west and there's a good chance that we could be out of business right now, and that is the honest truth..."

"Had we not been brought up to the modern day era , had all this new life put into us because of all this excitement with the tools that MarketShare provided us, I very well could not be sitting in front of you right now...


Patrick Thomas

Custom Transformer Manufacturer

Total Corporate Transformation

SalesSERV New Business Development

"I drew up our logo in my office some twenty six years ago, so he updated that and made it look modern…he changed the image to be more dynamic and forward looking..."

"He updated our literature…and then moved to our website. That had the greatest impact because prior to that our website was not dynamic at all..."

"Through their SalesSERV Program, MarketShare West has started working all the leads that prior were lost. This includes trade shows, dead leads, dead customers, pretty much anyone who we've contacted in the past, we've dug up and turned it over to MarketShare West and they are now working those leads and developing new customers..."

"Working with MarketShare West has been a positive experience, it has forced us to look at marketing programs and see the value in them that we've not seen in the past..."

"Marketshare West brings that large marketing department to the smaller company..."

"Through the SalesSERV program we are pretty much set for future growth because we are going to maintain all our leads and work them over the years we are pretty much set for the future, it's really got us in the right direction..."


Robert Allen

Custom Crating Manufacturer

Total Corporate Transformation

SalesSERV New Business Development

"I was pretty much relying on Tom's expertise and I felt very comfortable having him do it. As it developed it became more of a complete program than just a brochure. It became specialized inserts that went into our brochure. He developed a mailing program and a telemarketing program for me. I saw how it was coming along and I liked what I saw..."

"I know that no one else in my industry has anything that is anywhere near what we have… consequently that makes my presentation so much easier..."

"They fulfilled all of my expectations and I would definitely recommend them, I have recommended them to some of my customers..."

"All I wanted was one new customer a week and I would be happy. And by gosh we did that. I always would look at our production board and I would see new names of new customers and the program worked…Today we still have the program running and I see new names constantly..."

"The property directly behind my original building became available; we bought that place so now we have 9 buildings. So when I started with Tom I had one and now we are up to 9..."


John Ball

Industrial Supplies and Hardware

Total Corporate Transformation

"Tom doesn't just drop something off, he goes around to everybody there and gets them all excited...He doesn't just talk to the owner of the company, and then let him do all the stuff because nobody can do it as well as he can..."

"Everything was divided into business groups...the customer would look at it and think 'oh, they have a special group just dedicated to us'. We could do all the same things that a bigger company could do. In fact, we thought we could do them better. This way you looked just like them. Then when somebody gave you a chance you could perform better than they did..."

"Long after we stopped paying him, he still comes around. He still has ideas and he still helps out... money is not the number one concern. He really gets excited about your company..."

"Tom would design something and everything was explained, it was just fun. You learned a lot about yourself, you learned a lot about your business and that to me was worth every penny that we spent..."





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